Colour Analysis

Colour is far more complex than we think. Even though we know that everyone can wear the colour blue successfully, there are a multitude of blues with different shades, tones and intensities. Knowing specifically which blue we wear best can make a great difference in our appearance.

A colour analysis only has to be done once in a lifetime, because our pigmentation, which is genetic, will never change. Our pigmentation determines our skin colour which will harmonize with some colours better than others.

There are different approaches in determining the colours that suit your complexion. My preference has always been the seasonal concept, where each season represents a collection of colours that correspond to the colours and mood of that season. Over the years, the seasonal colour system became more refined when it became apparent that some individuals did not fit perfectly into one season, so I will also explore the additional variations of six ‘flow’ categories. This will specifically place you in one of ten colour categories instead of one in four seasons.

In order to achieve the ultimate assessment of colour harmonies for your complexion, I use a special mirror with daytime lighting to simulate the outdoors. For women, I demonstrate the best colours of make-up from my own line of cosmetics, which I specifically chose to represent the four seasons.

Once the session has been completed, you will know how to use certain colours to your advantage. You will also shop with confidence, while saving time and money.

A colour wallet and/or a colour bookmark containing your ideal colours will be provided, along with a booklet describing our psychological responses to colour.

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