Style & Proportion for Women

This group presentation can be offered for staff appreciation or with a group of friends to celebrate an event.

If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering why other women always look so put together and are curious about how they pulled it off - you don’t need to wonder any longer.

Women who seem to always look great with little effort simply know which clothing styles work best with their body proportions. Everyone has a different body type, and if you don’t choose clothes appropriate for your proportions, your outfit won’t be flattering or fit well and you will not make that all-too-important great first impression.

Picking out the best clothes for your body is a skill. Some women are great at it, and others just need to learn!

You can dramatically change your look - and how others perceive you - by understanding style and proportion with Style & Proportion for Women.

During the Style & Proportion for Women presentation you and another participant will measure each other vertically to learn your proportions. This information will guide you in the following way:

  • What styles of clothing go best with your body proportions.
  • What line, proportion, style and fit mean and how to apply them to your everyday wardrobe.
  • How accessories are the key to adding personal style and versatility to your outfits.
  • How to de-emphasize and accentuate certain body parts using clothing and accessories.
  • How to choose the best styles for your body.

    The Style & Proportion for Women presentation includes:

  • Your own Style and Proportion booklet to keep track of your body proportions and clothing options.
  • A "What is Best to Wear" handouts that are custom-tailored to your specific body proportions.

    Dress casually and bring your friends. Get ready to learn how to dress your body strategically and beautifully with ease.

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