The Power of Professional Presence

Your employees and their communication are a reflection of your corporate image. This presentation will show your employees the importance of an individual's professional image, the intricacies of working in an office environment and appropriate behaviour with clients.

The Power of Professional Presence discusses the ABC’s of professional presence: Appearance, Behaviour and Communication.

Below are some of the topics included in The Power of Professional Presence:

  • The three professional levels of business dress: Formal, Semi-Formal and Informal.
  • Handshakes - what do they tell you?
  • Effective business meetings.
  • Appropriate office manners.
  • Business dining protocol and party etiquette.
  • Importance of Soft Skills essential to career and life success.
  • Proper introductions.
  • Phone, online and mobile communication.
  • Proper business card exchange.
  • Effective networking.

    Your corporate image is your company's first impression on the world - something you can't make twice. You need your employees to help you make that valuable first impression and The Power of Professional Presence will show them how.

    This presentation can be customized for your company's unique needs, as well as to suit the requirements of employees at different levels within the company.

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