The World of Colour

You might know that you always look great in red, or constantly hear that warm colours suit you well, but colour - and how you wear it - is so much more than that. Different colours compliment different people, and there is a lot of psychology at work when it comes to how others perceive us when we wear certain colours.

Colours are a great tool to use when putting forth a positive, confident and powerful image. Learn how to use certain colours to your advantage:

There are different approaches in determining the colours that harmonize best with your complexion. I use the seasonal concept where each season represents a collection of colours which correspond to that season. For example, Winter colours are bold and dramatic while Autumn colours are warmer and earthy. In the World of Colour presentation, you’ll not only learn your most flattering colour season, but also the best make-up shades that harmonize with your complexion.

The seasonal colour system has become refined over the years as it became apparent that some individuals did not fit perfectly into one season. Since some of you may not clearly fall into one of the four colour seasons, we will also explore the additional variations of six ‘flow’ categories. This will more specifically place you in 1 of 10 colour categories instead of 1 in 4.

The World of Colour will also teach you to:

  • Understand the colours that best suit you, including the shades, values and intensities within your season.
  • See the positive and negative impact different colours have on your appearance and image.
  • Utilize your colour season to its maximum potential to compliment your body type and physical features.
  • Choose your best colours with confidence and save time and money while you shop.

This presentation includes:

  • A Colour Booklet describing psychological responses to different colours.
  • A Seasonal Colour Wallet including variations of your best colours.