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The Power of Image for Women

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. It’s a phrase instilled in us from the time we’re kids - yet we still do it anyway, even subconsciously. We can’t help it!

As much as we don’t want to admit it, our appearance matters. It’s human nature to hold appearance in high regard and make snap judgements based on how someone looks. Unfortunately, taking the time to actually get to know someone is not a part of a first impression - the most important impression you can make.

Take a moment and think about what your current image says about you. Really think about it. Are you happy with it? Is there room to improve it? What kind of image do you want to have?

Some women always look "put together," no matter how busy they are. It comes through in everything they do, and you can easily be just as confident. But first, your outward appearance needs to effectively communicate that confidence to those around you.

In the Power of Image for Women presentation, you’ll learn:

  • That everyone can always look their very best - no matter what their budget.
  • The factors that contribute to an attractive appearance.
  • How to make a memorable impression where and when it really counts.
  • How colour and pattern have an impact on how others view you.
  • How to love the body you’ve got.
  • How to use what’s in your closet to create a powerful image.

If you want an image that can positively impact people’s perception of you - at work or at play - the Power of Image for Women presentation can give you the tools you need to create it.