Style & Proportion for Women

If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering why other women always look so put together and are curious how they pulled it off - you don’t need to envy them any longer.

Women who seem to always look great with little effort simply know which clothing styles work best with their proportions. Everyone has a different body type, and if you don’t choose clothes appropriate for your proportions, your outfit won’t be flattering or fit well and you will not make that all-too-important great first impression.

Picking out the best clothes for your body is a skill. Some women are great at it, and others just need to learn!

You can dramatically change your look - and how others perceive you - by understanding style and proportion with Style & Proportion for Women.

During the Style & Proportion for Women presentation:

You and another participant will measure each other to figure out exactly what proportions you have so everything in the presentation can be directly applied to your body type, including:

  • What styles of clothing go best with your proportions.
  • What line, proportion, style and fit mean, and how to apply them to your everyday wardrobe.
  • How accessories are the key to adding personal style and versatility to your outfits.
  • How to de-emphasize and accentuate certain features using clothing and accessories.
  • How to fix style and proportion problems in the future.

The Style & Proportion for Women presentation includes:

  • Your own Style and Proportion booklet to keep track of all of the information about your body proportions and clothing options.
  • "What is Best to Wear," a detailed handout custom-tailored to your specific body proportions.

Dress casually, come by yourself or bring friends, have some wine and get ready to be the woman that other women look at and wonder, "how does she manage to always look so good?"  By attending 'Style & Proportion for Women’!