Opening Corporate Doors With Your Image
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Opening Doors with Your Image

It’s not your imagination. Professionalism in the workforce has been on the decline for some time - from e-mail communication to how we dress for work - even though this sends a big message to your customers.

While business is often affected, I’ve also witnessed qualified employees be passed over repeatedly for a promotion because of their inappropriate appearance and low self-esteem, which resonates through everything from how they communicate to their professional behaviour.

Inappropriate attire and appearance, which reduce the credibility of your employees (sales staff, for example) in front of your clients, are issues that many businesses face. But how can you handle it appropriately?

The 'Opening Doors with Your Image' seminar will:

  • Teach your staff the concrete differences between the three business dress categories - business formal, business casual and business classic - as well as the history leading up to the current overly-casual work environment.
  • Educate your employees on the powerful effects of certain business style elements such as colour and the all-too-neglected jacket.
  • Help your workforce realize the importance of appropriate verbal communication – in voicemail, e-mail and telephone conversation - as well as the significance of non-verbal communication such as handshakes, facial expressions and eye contact.
  • Have a positive impact on your employees. This training can be conveyed to employees either in large groups or individually.

Create an environment where your employees:

  • Understand appropriate dress in the workplace.
  • Are aware of the effects of their appearance and communication skills on the overall success of the business.
  • Know how a positive image increases the credibility of a business and creates a better first impression.

'Opening Doors With Your Image' is an excellent corporate reshaping seminar! Contact me today to book your presentation.