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Professional Etiquette

Your employees and their behaviour are a reflection of your corporate image. Unfortunately, inappropriate business behaviour will be remembered much longer than good behaviour.

Not every employee is aware of how their own behaviour affects your corporate image, and sometimes it can be difficult for management to broach the subject tactfully with employees who are acting inappropriately in the workplace.

The Professional Etiquette presentation will show your employees the importance of an individual's professional image, the intricacies of working in an office environment, meeting and social gathering etiquette as well as corporate communication etiquette. Each of these facets of professional image are discussed in a practical and down-to-earth manner, and your employees will walk away appreciating their own role in your corporate image.

The Professional Etiquette presentation can be customized for your company's unique needs, as well as customized to suit the requirements of employees at different levels within the company. Below are the topics included in this presentation:

  • Your Professional Image
  • Working in an Office Environment
  • Meetings and Social Gatherings
  • Corporate Communication
  • Business Travel
  • Social Etiquette

Your corporate image is your company's first impression on the world - something you can't make twice. You need your employees to help you make that valuable first impression, and the Professional Etiquette presentation will show them how. Take the first step and book today.